Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guess what, I'm Mediocre.

I am having a great time visiting a very dear friend.  We help each other see ourselves for what we are sometimes and it's a beautiful thing, this friendship.  The more we get to know each other, the more we find we have in common and the more we find we have differences.

It's what I love about relationships.  Each one is a connection that changes and challenges and reaffirms me.  I'm here on this planet with billions of people, I must be meant to know some of them, right?  Out of all of the people alive right now, I only really know a few, which means those friends are even more special than one-in-a-million.  

But that's all beside the point.  This is about what my friend said to me this morning.  It was an aside in the middle of a wandering, meandering conversation.  

"By the way, you need to blog more." 

 I grimaced. I know.  I want to.  And then I confessed I haven't found a way to integrate blogging into my life, to successfully manage with my other activities and priorities.  When I get a bee in my bonnet, I'm not terribly patient with the kids and I get too focused for too long on trying to make a post.

Very pointedly she said, "Not every blog has to be epic."

Crap.  Bullseye.  

Then relief.  No pressure.  Like Facebook, I can just live, share, be real.  I can be mediocre, which is a relief.  And sometimes, I can be epic, which is exciting.  

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