Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Putting a band-aid on the Problem

I've been struggling today.  I have a summer cold.  I've been grumpy.  The baby is clingy.  Hannah is a little agitated.  Maybe they are all struggling with what I'm struggling with.  Who knows.  

I was feeling overwhelmed but I realized there was a lot of great work around here today:  

Hannah practiced a little violin but stopped when she decided she just wasn't up to it.

I realized the kids were grumpy and, instead of yelling, took measures to calm myself and decided to feed them, hoping full bellies might help.  I talked to Hannah about both of our moods and asked for her suggestions.  She agreed maybe she was hungry.  

Hannah worked for a really long time with the new cricut cartridge.

I did a load of laundry and *blogged*!  

Cote painted.  She played in the bath with a tea set.  She made a water park on the back porch.  

And after they ate, suddenly moods were better and I got some time to myself, making me feel a little better.  Apparently during that time, they were under the kitchen table creating what you see in the picture.  There were many, many giggles and about 45 minutes of cooperative, intense work to make the bandaid mask.  

No one but me even stopped to think about turning on the TV this afternoon.  I have a headache and watery eyes but it seems like not such a bad day after all.  Band-aids really do make you feel better!  

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