Thursday, June 13, 2013

High as a Kite

I've been getting excited about our new foray into learning without limits.  Sometimes, the kids just piddle around the house doing their own things and watching videos, but sometimes they come to me with a question.  And this is where my life has changed.  I've decided, for the most part, my job is to say yes.  Sure, there are times I need to say no and I do.  Funny thing is that since I've said yes more frequently, they take no for an answer more easily.  The relationships have improved.  

I wait.  I have more time to do my own things.  I have more time to clean (more messes are made though), more time to read and do puzzles but what I have to remind myself is that I have decided my work is interruptible because I really want to make myself available as a facilitator.  Before, I think I had a hard time stopping my activities because my moments of peace were so rare.  

Today, I got really into the idea of making a savings chart for Hannah.  It was my project totally, but it was about her.  So I found myself slightly annoyed when she walked up and asked if I knew how to make a kite.  I told her, "Not really..."

There is where it would have ended before.  I didn't have the energy after working toward my own agenda (even if for her best interests) to help her with hers.  I'm not proud of it.  It is just what it is.  It certainly wasn't in line with how I dreamed of being as a mother.

Today, I heard a switch flip in my brain as I started to issue a maybe later, so I continued, "...but we could see what we can find on the Internet.  Maybe YouTube."   She pulled up a chair and we watched a lovely video about making a kite with a plastic shopping bag.  I was enthralled.  (In fact, I might make one myself.) She was interested but it didn't quite hit home.  She was encouraged to continue the search, "Let's search 'homemade *paper* kites."  

We did and I suddenly have time to blog.  She comes in every once in a while to show me her progress.  I am not feigning excitement for what she's creating,  it is very exciting.    She already did some amazing things before she put one marker to paper, including working on clarifying her criteria in order to solve a problem.  

Plastic Bag Kite

Simple paper kite

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