Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life Lessons at the Learning Lab

Here, at Laughner Learning Labs, we believe in tailoring an educational experience to the unique cognitive and developmental needs of each student. We are willing to work with any age student, espousing a wholehearted commitment to the full spectrum of life-long learning.

Student Profile: COTE LAUGHNER

Cote is a lovely, inquisitive child (Age: 14.5 months) who has recently demonstrated a keen interest in art. She has been given access to appropriate art supplies and the freedom to create without criticism. Her art seems to be broadening in scope both cognitively and physically as she acquaints herself more fully with the medium. Her instruction also includes proper usage of tools and care of one's personal workspace.

Photographs are shared below from a lesson when Miss Laughner learned that markers are only to be used while standing properly at the easel. These are rare educational insights directly from our lab. They are realistic depictions of the learning experience, which certainly isn't always easy. Prepare yourself. These photos may be too graphic for sensitive viewers. Rest assured, in the end, Miss Laughner successfully learns her lesson and blooms creatively and artistically while submitting to the rigorous standards of her elite learning environment.

Student is given instruction to leave markers at the easel station for the fourth time.

Student looks in anxious denial to classmate for support.

Student demonstrates sudden awareness of the instructor's commitment to proper marker storage.

Student experiences momentary crisis of faith in her ability to meet the standard.

Student resigns herself to compliance with a tear in her eye.

Student has demonstrated responsibility and is happily back to work contributing to a growing body of valuable artistic expression from the students at Laughner Learning Labs.

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JS said...

I notice the outfit has changed between the first five photos, and the last two. Leaves one wondering if the change in clothing assisted in the lesson. I know a new set of clothes always helps MY attitude!!!

MamaHolly said...

Jan, I was surprised no one else commented on the outfit change. She was soupset when the first pictures were taken, she wouldn't go back to draw. But after a messy dinner, she was more than ready to start again. My mom used to always let my sister out on a dress if she was grumpy. Instant attitude change! ;)

Carissa said...

I have just the new student for you! He needs instruction in staying out of bathroom drawers where other siblings' tooth brushes and toothpaste are kept. My telling him 4x a day has not helped. He definitely would benefit from the Laughner Learning Labs.