Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A friendly letter?

Today's writing assignment was to write a friendly letter. Specifically, this letter was to ask one family member for a gift for another family member. The student was to detail why the recipient was deserving of said gift.

Here is John's letter. He seems not to have lost his touch since the tales of Thunderblot.


Dear Grandma Missy,

I'm asking for money for comic books for Uncle Ben because I missed his birthday. I would love to do it myself but I don't have any money.

He can't buy it himself because Aunt Stefi took all his money. He needs to get out of the house a little while. There's a new comic book he really wants. I am asking you because I trust you better than anyone else.



JS said...

And therein lies the uncontested Universal Truth: We all trust our Grandmas (Nanas, Mammees, etc.) better than anybody! Right-on, John!!!

Stephani Clabo said...

Ok, so for the record, Uncle Ben had a very nice weekly comic book allowance. However, I'm reconsidering after hearing what he has been telling our nephew! -Aunt Stefi$$$