Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emergency Mail

You may recall Hannah's roller coaster experience with the U.S. Postal Service. You can read about it here and here. She has remained utterly fascinated with the magical silver box that brings good tidings of great joy.

Today, as on many days, she doodled across several pages and stuffed them in an envelope. She's been working on writing names and wrote completely unassisted "Hannah" and "Audrey" to indicate the letter was intended for her cousin. She slapped a huge Tinker Bell sticker (from her dental visit the other day) in the upper right corner. Then she asked if she could put it in the mailbox.

I agreed and she skipped out to the garage while John and I completed math. Breathlessly, a few minutes later she ran back into the house. "Mom! We have a problem! The mail lady turned off her car. She wants to help me but she doesn't have the number it goes to."

Wow, that girl has quite an imagination, I thought. Nevertheless, I stood up and peered at the end of the driveway. There sat the car with a flashing yellow light on top.

OH NO! Well, I couldn't let Hannah down. I slapped a tiny looking address with what I hope is the correct zip code under the enormous "AUDREY" and a return address in the proper place. I put a stamp on the corner and gave her the envelope.

She ran back out and handed her envelope to the carrier. The woman smiled and said, "Alright! Now I think I can help you. It has a stamp and I know where to take this."

I stepped out the front door and called a thank you to her. And she waved and grinned and said, "Don't worry, we'll take care of her!"

I LOVE the U.S. Postal Service and that sweet lady who sat during her busy and demanding schedule and waited for five minutes to make a little girl's whole day.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story!! She'll never forget that, either. :)