Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tiny Baby Undies

Cote spends most of her time out of diapers. It makes it so much easier for frequent potty trips. Unfortunately, we've not found a great bottom-covering solution, so she usually wears an unsnapped onesie and babylegs. Cote is a very small 13 month old. The smallest training pants and underwear in most stores are 2T/3T. It is going to be quite some time before she'll be able to wear those. I've read the suggestion to buy that size and try washing multiple times in hot water, but I've never had much luck getting them to shrink.

I've considered buying tiny underwear from some various places on the internet. The EC Store carries some for around $8 a pair. And Noonee Wilga also makes some for the same price. $8 seems really expensive for children's underwear.

She also has instructions on her website for making undies out of t-shirts. I've been meaning to go get some elastic and the supplies to make the panties but I had an epiphany. I decided it might be simpler and less expensive to buy a package of toddler underwear and make them smaller.

And that's what I did. It cost about $8 for 10 pairs of underwear and about a half hour of work.

First, I turned the underwear inside out. I had a pair of bloomers from a dress Cote wears. She's been wearing those bloomers as undies. So I just measured against those. I put pins in the waist band to indicate where the seams would start on both hips. Then I measured the distance from the crotch end of the leg hole to the hip end and pulled the front and back together so the leg elastic lined up.

Next, I just eyeballed a straight stitch between the two points. I really didn't try to do anything exact. I was trying to do something quick and easy.

Then I cut the panties about a half inch allowance and zizag stitched the edges.

Here's a comparison of the original size and the new size. Yeah, the rise is really long but, hey, they get the job done.

And, here are some action pics: (She seems to really like them, except they have to come all the way off when she's on the potty.)

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jeremiah said...

Very cool! Quick, easy, not expensive but effective is also my style. This is a very good idea. I was considering buying small undies for my lil' one but I have changed my mind after seeing your article. Thank you! :) -ana