Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you have an Ascenta?

Today, Hannah drew a lovely picture. I'm sure it was inspired by the fact we reread Welcome with Love, a beautiful story book about a homebirth. A year ago, Hannah was captivated by Cote's birth. She reenacted it many different ways over the first few months of her sister's life. She even struggled with important decisions like sometimes she gave birth in a hospital and sometimes at home. Each time, I was amused and heartwarmed by her sweet antics.

Obviously, an appreciation for the miracle of birth has once again settled on her mind. She gleefully brought me her drawing and began narrating:

"This is me, with a baby in my belly. This is my ascenta feeding the baby (indicating the blob floating over her head and tethered by some sort of squiggly line). This is my honey holding my hand. And... this is the menwife."

Ahhh! Yeah, I dream about another birth too, child after my own heart.

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lahancock27 said...

That is adorable. We were just having a discussion about "menwives" at the ICAN meeting on Tuesday. I'm glad that your kids will know about birth. I want Liam and Nicholas to understand the process too.