Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Play Silks

I've heard about them for years. When I checked the prices of some ready-made play silks, I decided I could keep them in the realm of things I'd heard about. But... I kept hearing and hearing and hearing... and those silks I had looked at were absolutely gorgeous.

So finally I considered getting some and asked friends about the idea. Surely my 11-year-old son was too old for them. But then again, he had really enjoyed trying to juggle silks at a children's museum a while ago. I decided to get some as the sharing gift for Christmas for our three children (11-year-old boy, 4-year-old girl and 11-month-old girl.) A friend had mentioned you could get blank silks from Dharma Trading Company and dye them with Kool-aid. That was certainly much more affordable. Plus, I thought John would at least enjoy the dyeing process.

I ordered four 21.5" squares, two 44" squares, and two 22" X 90" pieces. It was a whopping $32 plus shipping. They shipped fast. I got them in about three days. We gathered up some kool-aid.

The children were a little confused about what they were when they opened the package. I was quick to defend them, "They look boring now. Just wait, tomorrow we are going to soak them in Kool-aid and turn them into bright colors. You can make them into all sorts of things, including forts..."

Hannah went back to her other gifts. Cote chewed on some packaging. But John rubbed some of the silk against his face for a few minutes. He hopped up and ran to his room with one in tow. He quickly tied it around his neck to make a cape and ran all over the house.

A few minutes later, Hannah attached one to her grandmother exclaiming what a beautiful princess dress she was wearing. Hannah got assistance tying one in a sash around her self. That sash quickly turned into a rebozo for carrying her baby doll.

I have high hopes for this toy, if there was this much creativity and enjoyment when they were still boring white.

I have separated the dyeing experience into a separate post. If you've heard of playsilks before, I would heartily encourage you to consider doing something more than hear about them.

Here's the post on dyeing : We've Dyed and Gone to Playsilk Heaven

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