Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you ready?

Theo and I had a date tonight. It was so refreshing to spend time alone together, even if we did use the time to finish up some Christmas errands. We were in the car, having a lovely conversation. We discussed our how our days had gone and our plans for Christmas travel as well as some odds and ends we still needed to pick up.

One of the gifts we have for the children is a set of blank play silks. I reminded him that we needed to pick up some kool-aid packets for to use as coloring for the silks.

About that time, he veered into the turn lane to prepare to cross three lanes of on-coming traffic. He drew his breath in sharply, grabbed the steering wheel and said, "Are you ready to dye...?"

Now you have understand this was spoken, not written. What I heard was a crazed husband about to dart across three lanes of traffic, asking if I was ready to die. I told him in no uncertain terms I was indeed, NOT ready to die.

When I realized it wasn't a death threat (not his style) or some sick joke (definitely his style), it was very, very funny. We've been laughing about it all evening.