Friday, May 21, 2010

Event Amber: She gets her appetite back.

Last night we grilled out and ate dinner on the back porch. Amber ate all of the food on her plate, and seconds and thirds...
Apparently, her tummy is on the mend.

After dinner, the girls shared a much-needed bath.

Freshly cleaned, warm in their nightgowns, Hannah asked why I was "crombing" Amber's hair first. The truth was that she was the girl closest to my reach. But Amber responded haughtily, "It is because I am a wizziter." Five minutes later, I realized she said visitor and was very amused.

Amber picked a cute library book before bed about two girls on their first sleepover. How appropriate was that?! They went to sleep well. I explained that if Amber woke up in the morning and Hannah wasn't in the room that she could come find me in my room. She was happy and calm and was looking forward to Mommy coming to pick her up tomorrow.

Oddly enough, my four month old slept eight solid hours last night. Hannah slept a good solid four hours before she got up and made her way to snuggle in our bed. I was up at six to feed the baby and did a few chores and checked facebook and climbed back in bed about 7:15. Theo got up at 7:45, stretched, looked puzzled and pointed to the floor on my side of the bed. "Amber is over there." I leaned over and there was that sweet little blondie and her stuffed beaver sitting quietly on the floor.

"Good morning."
She smiled.
"Did you come in here right when you woke up?"
She nodded.
"Are you sad?"
She shook her head.
"Do you want to come up here?"
She nodded and climbed in.
"Your Mommy is coming to get you today."
"I know."

She smiled and snuggled up. After a few minutes, Amber said, "I want to eat breakfast in my pajamas because that is what I usually do." (When I told her mother, she said Amber normally changes into day time clothes before she's out of her room. LOL) I asked Amber what she wanted for breakfast and she gave me a whole big list of stuff. I laughed and decided I had better get started on that order.

As I started to prepare breakfast I got the Amber Callan random fact of the day, "We saw a grand-daddy-long-legs in the garage. They are the most poisonous of all spiders but their mouths are so small they can't bite youmans." Then she skipped off merrily with Hannah. They came back a few minutes later to ask if they could have breakfast on the porch. I thought it was an excellent idea.

When I took their trays out to them, they giggled with excitement. Amber could barely put the strawberry down long enough to pray. She surveyed her tray which contained yogurt with fresh blueberries, orange juice, steel cut oatmeal, bacon, eggs, 1/4 banana and a strawberry. "Where's our bread?" she asked. I laughed! "Coming right up!" She finished all her food and then had another serving of yogurt with blueberries.

I'm guess they now have enough energy to get through the morning. That's good because they are going to play with the cooking toys and water again. They don't know it yet, but later, we are going to make play-doh.

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