Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 2: Event Amber

Look, her pink napkin is in her lap.

I think it is interesting that cleaning makes Amber happy. LOL

The blogger at MamaHolly's Monogram brings you real life. There is no joy without pain. So we we bring it to you raw and real. We hit a glitch. But we've recovered. Event Amber can't be drama without actually experiencing some drama...

Last night, Amber's tummy was a little off and she had to potty multiple times so we came home from small group and got a prescription from her Mommy and Daddy to feed her some yogurt and other specific foods to see if it helped. She didn't seem to be in any pain so we all took a wait and see approach. She was fine last night and slept through the night well.

Hannah woke up some time while the sky was still black (as Hannahs are wont to do) and came into bed with us. I decide that was a good thing so the girls wouldn't wake each other up too early. Theo told me Amber was awake, looking at books on the shelf when he left for work. I thought she was enjoying a peaceful morning, so I left her to her own devices.

Hannah woke at 8:30, thank the Merciful Lord. Immediately, she went in search of her friend. Very quickly afterwards, I heard sobs. I was pretty sure it was a grumpy, just wakened Hannah upset that Amber was playing with her toys. I went to play referee but as I stepped around the corner, there stood Hannah with a concerned look on her face and Amber mid-wail, wearing a ballet leotard. "What's wrong, Amber? Is your belly hurting? What happened? Are you alright?"

"I. Want. My. Mommy! I want my house." Pant, Pant. More sobs. She wasn't clutching her stomache and I saw no obvious injuries so I diagnosed acute homesickness brought on by loneliness. I wondered if Amber had been quietly entertaining herself in an effort not to bother anyone and became quite lonely in the process. And when she saw Hannah she let out the angst that had been growing in her solitude.

Oh no, I had to think fast. Even if we got Mommy to come right now, no packing, no last minute diaper changes, she's a couple of hours away. So I say, "Amber, Mommy said you needed some more yogurt this morning. Would you like some?" She stopped crying, sniffed quickly and said yes in a clear voice. Head high, she followed me to the kitchen. She eagerly gobbled some yogurt and was smiling and hugging her stuffed beaver.

I decided it might be safe to investigate. I asked what had made her so sad. I could see the immediate, physical change as her face clouded and a bubble rose in her throat. "I. Want. My. Mommy! I want my house." Uh, Oh.

"Amber, would you also like some toast?" I mean, food worked last time... "Yes, I would, Mrs. Waufiner." Phew. Ok, don't mention the homesickness and you can keep the illness at bay. I realized distraction was the key. I offered them the opportunity to watch a veggietales video. They politely declined. NOT!

They cuddled up on the couch and enjoyed a video. Amber was quick to point out that she and Murray did not watch videos first thing in the morning. Yeah, I thought, but Mommy has Mommy-ness with her at all times and the best I could offer was distraction and Mrs. Wafiner-ness. I said, "Well, it's just a special thing for right now. Is that okay with you?" Of course it was. But I knew she'd throw me under the bus with a quick "Mommy, Mrs. Waufiner lets us watch movies first thing in the morning," as soon as they were reunited.

I gathered my wits while they watched and decided they could take a tandem bath in my garden tub after the movie. But John woke up and used all the hot water. Silly son!

After the movie, Hannah wanted a princess dress which instantly became contagious. Hannah's room is, of course, a disaster from all the increased girliness living in it. I suggested they take the cooking toys on the back porch and have a tea party. The troops were invigorated. Morale greatly improved. Dishes were gathered. Tiny chairs were slung over shoulders and lots of buffalo stomp-skipping ensued. I even lugged the enormous plastic kitchen out there.

But then the coup de grace: I offered them water to wash dishes and pour from the tea pots. OH YEAH! The Laughner house is the happiest place on earth once again. Well, until the next bit of drama happens. And rest assured, you will hear it here first. Thank you, loyal readers.

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Carissa said...

Oooooh, my sweet girl wants me!! I would be there in a heart beat if I could. But since I can't.....
I can rest assured that she is in good hands. And leave it to a tea party and washing dishes to restore peace and happiness!
At least you can now tell her that Mommy will be there _tomorrow_. :)