Monday, May 17, 2010

Brother Wears Her Out

I started cooking lunch while John and Hannah played with the baby. John came in carrying her and said she was crying and wanted him to hold her. So he walked around with her for a while and she calmed down. He sat in a kitchen chair and she immediately started screaming.

With a harried look, somewhat reminiscent of a new parent, he said, "See?! She wants me to hold her and walk around. She won't let me sit down." I'm still unsure why this was suddenly his burden to bear, but I wasn't going to let the opportunity slip for John to help out with a duty he seemed willing and capable of taking. He complained that his arms were tired.

Suddenly a light bulb went off. I remembered the sling I made for John when Hannah was a baby. It was just fun and cute then, but now he could really carry the baby and be a big help. And I certainly can't stand holding a baby for very long without a carrier.

"John, what about your sling?" Immediately he handed Cote to me and ran out of the room and came back swathed in yellow tencel twill. It was twisted but we got him straightened out and added Cote to the sling.

He started walking and she mellowed out. After a few minutes I realized that maybe the learning curve for a sling and the one shouldered-ness of the carry might not serve him as well. He was uncomfortable letting go and his arms were still getting tired though he said it was much better.

We tried the Mei Tai next and he was much more comfortable. He did laps around the house and started singing to her. Within 10 minutes she was sound asleep. He said, "I'd be willing to do that again, but I was about to burst into flames."

"Oh," I replied, "You need a solarveil mei tai!"

His face lit up. "If they make 'em in that, yeah, bring it on!" I'm a little afraid John might start surfing the for sale or trade boards. Thank you, Buddy, you are an awesome big brother.


jen said...

So sweet. Love the pics, and even more love what big bro was doing, of course :)

JS said...

Hi, Holly. I am LOVING your blog! Cannot believe how grown up John has gotten, and what precious photos of him tending his baby, baby sister! Also loving all the "drama" of the girls visit. Too fun! Thanks so much for sharing!! -- Jan