Friday, April 16, 2010

A Mousse Came to Dinner

So Mr. Future Chef, once again, picked up a cook book from the library. John is quite the fan of food and very interested in cooking. He asked if we could make the chocolate mousse in the book. So we bought the ingredients and planned to make it dairy-free so that I could have some.

This afternoon, Miss Patti and Miss Denise came to visit us. Before they left, he offered to make them some fruit skewers. I had no idea what he was suggesting, especially because I didn't realize we even had skewers. But it was in his book. He whipped up banana/apple skewers and presented them to our guests before they left.

Apparently he was in a cooking mood, because the mousse was started and I really had no choice but to assist or deal with the aftermath.

John checked the recipe to be sure he had all the ingredients gathered.

Then he rocked the double boiler.

There was a whole lot of shakin' and stirrin' and whiskin' goin' on.

Hannah ate peanuts.

The instructions said to whisk the egg whites until they formed stiff peaks. But it should have said to whisk until stiff peaks or your baby falls unconscious, whichever happens first.

Hannah volunteered for cleanup duty.

Chef John says, "Bon Appetit!"

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