Monday, March 15, 2010

The Grand Opening of Sector 2

We have moved into our new house in Chattanooga. The most exciting part is the formal dining room we have commandeered for the purpose of homeschooling. In our previous house, there was a schooling area but not a room dedicated as such. In an effort to make the room special and to commemorate the first day of schooling here, we are celebrating with an official grand opening.

John came up with a name for the room. Since this is the second place we are schooling, it is called "Sector 2". It sounds mysterious and official. Perfect! We also discussed the purpose of the room and prayed as we dedicated it to God and to our learning.

John baked a gluten-free, dairy-free cake with verbal assistance. Hannah hindered. (I mean "helped".) Hannah added a number 2 candle to the cake and asked if we could use a fire thingy and blow it out. Of course, I said yes. So we sang "Happy Schooling to Us" and they blew out the candle together.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony. Both children used scissors to cut the ribbon in front of one of the entryways to Sector 2. Now they are creating commemorative pieces of artwork to hang in the room. Later, we'll play some board games.

I'm particularly fond of the wheeled teacher's chair which allows me to glide all over the room. It's almost as fun as roller skating. Nobody sits in the office chair but the teacher! No, and stop asking.

The principal was not available for pictures and was unable to be present at the ceremony. He was working in the financial department to ensure the schooling budget is met appropriately.

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