Friday, November 13, 2009

Pregnant Bowling

We went bowling the other day. When your belly exceeds the size and weight of the bowling ball, it might be time to put away these sorts of things until after the baby is born. We had a fantastic time, though I did ache a little afterwards. Please, no one tell my chiropractor what I was doing.

Please enjoy the pictures! Notice almost all the John photos are blurry. He's a speed bowler. Hannah had time to leave for Starbucks between the two rolls of each frame. LOL She sure loved going "Bullying"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Odor Free Preschooler

I, for one, believe in good hygiene. I'm a little dubious of all the chemically laden products out there. I tend to eschew chemicals and fragrances. I use baking soda in lieu of deodorant. But I am believer in cleanliness, nevertheless.

It is interesting to note which of our priorities get passed on to our children without much thought from ourselves. Today, Hannah had a potty miss. They don't happen often and it is usually because she is very distracted by something. I was contemplating what might have held her attention to cause her to do the thing she personally hates so much, when her naked self came to me for help redressing.

At that moment I had a strong, emotional sense of appreciation and longing for my husband. I wondered if it had something to do with some random, strange pregnancy hormones when I realized Hannah didn't smell quite... like... Hannah. This was outside the realm of the presence or absence of ammoniacal urine smells.

So as I maneuvered my cumbersome abdomen so I could bend to assist my little girl, I sniffed deeply. It might be illogical to sniff a child, but it is some maternal imperative that requires I find the source of all unusual scents. At once, loving thoughts of my husband sprang to my mind.

Aha, that was it. "Hannah, did you use Daddy's deodorant?"

"Yesth! He will be thso happy at me! He will like my armpits!"

So the pants wetting was related to an attempt at armpit hygiene. I get that now. And, I have a good plan for when Theo is out of town. Just lather the girl in his deodorant and sniff till my heart's content. Nevermind all the chemicals I can't pronounce, the man does smell good.