Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hannah washed her own hands

Hannah got wide-eyed and sorta jumped as she blurted, "I half a pee-pee!" She tore off to the bathroom only to leave and run to the other end of the house for her footstool. She came back lugging the large wooden object. A few seconds later, I heard the tinkling sound of success from the next room.

I heard her move the footstool to the sink and the hand washing began. I didn't pay much attention as the sound of running water is apparently somewhat hypnotic. After what must have been an inordinate amount of time, I called, "Hannah, I'm sure your hands are clean now. Turn off the water, please."

She immediately complied and I was confident in my parent prowess. You know how that goes.



I heard the slick wringing of still soapy hands and suggested she turn the water on and rinse off quickly. Next I heard joyous three-year-old giggles and "Bubble, bubble, bubble" in a sweet sing-song. Ok, it was well overdue that I stood to investigate.

Half an industrial-sized box of baking soda, entire container of hand soap, lots of water, one footstool and an Elmo shirt = Sudsy Happy Hannah. She's mastered the lather, now on to rinse and repeat.