Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Writing on the Walls

Some of you are familiar with Hannah's sneaky antics from this entry and also, this one, oh,and this one.
With that background, suffice it to say that I found Hannah drawing on her bedroom walls with sidewalk chalk. I had gone into her room to get her dressed for the day.  As I took off her pajama top, I discovered the writing. "Oh.... Hannah..." I said with that slow, disappointed tone in my voice. "You aren't supposed to write on the walls." I finished dressing her and passed a half-hearted wipe across her drawings with the inside-out pajamas.

The. Chalk. Easily. Wiped. Off.

Enter the internal dialogue: Um, dilemma. Crossroads. Remember to be consistent. She simply should not draw on walls. But it wipes right off. What a fun thing to do. No, be responsible. You are the mom. But it's just so neat!

Finally, I plopped myself right there in the middle of the floor and drew all over my daughter's walls. It was so much fun! What freedom! I think she was so disturbed by my antics that she hasn't drawn on them since, even though she has my expressed permission to do just that as long as it is with chalk.

Really, you ought to give it a try. Void where prohibited. Restrictions may apply. Only tested on semi-gloss.


Amy said...

That's a fabulous idea, Holly, but I still totally wouldn't trust my Simon.

(see and )

I'm Amy&Peter from TBW, BTW. :)

Amy said...

I was going through your archives and read the post "pimp my blog". You asked about how you can know how many people visit you blog and from where, etc. Have you looked into sitemeter? . you sign up for an account and enter in your blog info and it keeps track of all those statistics for you. Visitors per day, week, hour. You can find out where they come from (either by looking at a map or clicking on individual visitors to see their ISP info). It's addictive though!

Also useful is Google's Feedburner. You already have a Google account since blogspot is a Google entity. Once you enter in your feed info, it will keep track of how many subscribers you have and how many people read your feed. Both are really useful.

I know there are lots of sites that give tutorials on this site, but I think I remember seeing some on the blog "Mommy always wins". Her archives aren't set up great, but if you go through and look for any "Win of the Week" posts, they're all about how to increase the functionality of your blog.

She doesn't have a search function on her blog, so you're going to have to just scroll through.

Speaking of functions/widgets/etc that people have in their side columns, if you see one you like, try right clicking on it and looking at the properties to get the website info. Often you can find free "add ons" that way.

HTH, Amy

(feel free to stop by my blog and say hi if you have a minute)

MamaHolly said...

Oh Amy, I can't wait to go read your blog! Thanks for posting and, well, reading! I got sitemeter right after the pimp my blog post. But thank you so much for your suggestions. I know I need to play around some more. I'd really like to organize my previous posts and do some other cool things I've seen on others' sites.