Friday, May 29, 2009

Weird Pregnancy Dreams

So the weird pregnancy dreams have begun....

I had two in one night. The first involved a visit from John's biological parents which is really odd as I haven't heard from them in a couple of years and haven't seen them in about five years. We had a nice visit catching up and she showed me pictures of two little girls. Then she told me they were her youngest daughters and wondered if I'd adopt them too.

Then I had a dream about my sister, who, in real life, has recently adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia. Stephani had researched and discovered a new way to increase the bonding between herself and her daughter. It was called the "re-womb" experience. The adoptive mother underwent surgery to open a cavity in her chest and the child was sewn up inside for a period of two to three months.

When I asked my sister why didn't they use the uterus instead of the chest, she had a perfectly rational explanation (for a weird dream). She said that there were organs in front of and behind the uterus making it too difficult to access during abdominal surgery. (Tell that to OB's who do C-sections everyday...) It made more sense to utilize the extra space behind the ribcage which is only used when you breathe deeply. Besides, the ribcage would also protect the child during the re-wombing.

So my sister underwent the surgery despite my desperate attempts to suggest she try a sling instead. She walked around for two months with a big pregnant chest containing a 22 lb one-year-old. She also touted the benefits of the experience rebooting her daughter's nutritional profile as she was a little undernourished when they met.

Two-months later, Addie was removed from her re-womb and was a fat, little, roly-poly baby. I never did find out how it impacted their attachment.

Please feel free to share your weird dreams!

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