Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So little time to blog

Wow, time can really get away from a person. I've been busy!

OnWednesday night, Hannah developed a fever. It didn't go away all day Thursday. She was a pitiful, melty lump on my lap the entire day. She threw up one time early in the morning. I was sure she had the flu but it was a weird time for her to come down with something as the only logical source of exposure could have been church on Sunday. 

She missed the fun on Friday. (Read below). And she was fever free for 24 hours by Saturday so she could be unquarantined to attend that day's fun. (Read Below) 

By Sunday night, I was tickling her while we worked on a puzzle on the floor. She threw her head back and laughed.... and I spotted four little white peaks poking out of her gums in the upper, left side of the back of her mouth. I hadn't even considered teething! Poor baby!

On Friday, John had a field trip to the airplane museum in Sevierville with my father.

During the field trip we had a girl's day playing with new makeup colors with our favorite Mary Kay Lady, Terri Houser! My Mother's Day gift to Mom was a fresh face. She got to pick out eyeshadows, lipstick, gloss, lipliner, eyeliner, blush, bronzer and other fun stuff. I think she enjoyed it. It was especially cool how Terri adapted to Mom as a visual learner. She kept getting her attention and making eye contact and performing very visually for her. It was fantastic!

The party, at my sister's house, included my sister and her baby, my sister-in-law and her toddler, and my mother. After the party, John and Dad returned and we all had homemade pizza. 

Then my sister-in-law shared that she was pregnant. I was very excited because Krista and I were pregnant at the same time before. I was pretty sure that this meant I'd be pregnant within the next four months. I certainly hoped that history would repeat itself.

On Saturday we celebrated Addie's birthday! We partied. Addie made a huge mess of herself with a purple-iced chocolate cupcake. Her mother made sure she was whisked away quickly by a grandmother who returned Addie after a quick scrub down and costume change. Addie played with her friends and cousins and was summarily passed about the room as relatives are wont to do with a baby who can't quite run fast enough to get away. John ate copious amounts of food and played video games.

On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day and Addie's church dedication. It's like Ben and Stefi are new proud parents or something. This was a totally Addie-centric weekend.   >Giggle< 
At the dedication,  she wore a beautiful pink eyelet lace dress and did quite a number waving her father's tie in his face and also the preacher's. 

We all went out to lunch afterward and were very surprised to find many restaurants in Pigeon Forge practically deserted, even on Mother's Day. We ate at the Flying Horse Grill and they handled the allergies wonderfully. None of their food is pre-marinated or pre-seasoned and they even bread their own chicken tenders so they grilled some gluten free ones for John. 

Sunday Evening we celebrated my brother-in-law's 30th birthday. (Do I add the apostrophe to the brother or the law?) We had a great time with some friends and family. John had a great time playing with a little boy about his age, which is a great treat for him since he's always surrounded by toddler girls! 

There were fireworks, which Hannah calls "fu#*erworks". Don't worry, I only had her repeat it a million times as all of the adults tried to snicker inconspicuously with their hands over their mouths. 

On Monday we tried to get back into the swing of school but started late since we had all partied late the night before. At some point during the morning, I discovered that swim team sign ups started that day and we rushed around to get ready for that. 

This will be John's first time ever participating in an organized sport. It doesn't hurt my feelings at all that it is the particular sport of my youth. He looks so cute in his new snazzy goggles and longie speedos. I'm so proud and excited for him! 

On a whim, we went out to watch Star Trek in the theater!  The show started at 7pm after we had a nice dinner on our front porch.  By 8:05, Hannah had peed her pants, demanded water, refused to share with John and then loudly proclaimed she was indeed sharing, and then fell asleep.  I was able to watch the second half of the movie with only the small distraction of a sweaty face plastered to my chest and neck and the tingling feeling of my sleeping limbs.  

In a whirlwind rush of activity I arrived with a thud on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoons, I pick up my share box from Green Man Farm and visit the farmer's market and the co-op. It was already scheduled to be a busy day. 

But then, I noticed something I hadn't really paid attention to during my busy week. The evidence of my monthly fertility renewal had fizzled. I suddenly had reason to run to the neighborhood grocery store first thing this morning with one lanky nine-year-old in unmatched, wrinkly clothing and one shaggy-haired, be-stained two-year-old to pick up a fancy stick that I could bring home to urinate upon. How's that for a classy experience?! 

Well, to add to my very, very busy week I spent a great deal of time jubilantly screaming and staring at the peed-upon stick! Praise God!  I also had a few phone calls to make and some farmers to visit. Wow! What a great few days. Please forgive my not blogging it in real-time! :D


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