Friday, May 1, 2009

John's Date with his Grandma

Our family does a good job of trying to, at least occasionally, spend individual quality time with each of the children. Yesterday was John's turn for a date with his paternal grandmother.

During their time, he tried to convince her that they should play video games. The night before, however, we had discussed with John and his grandma that dates should include activities that were mutually enjoyable by both people. My mother-in-law was undaunted by John's attempts to coerce some video game time from her in leiu of watching a movie.

Kathy has been substitute teaching for a few months. It was only natural, at long last, she used her "teacher voice" to end John's obnoxious demands. John's reaction was quick and interesting and just plan hilarious.

"You've never yelled at me before" said John in a dumbfounded voice. "My feelings are kind of hurt. I don't know what to do."

His feelings apparently recovered and the incessent video game begging ended. They had a wonderful evening involving allergy-free yet horribly processed food and watching a movie. I also think my dear son spent some time developing a whole new respect for his grandmother.

It's hard to pull off no-nonsense and unequivocal fun at the same time. Kudos to the woman who raised and nurtured my husband. Good job last night, Grandma!

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