Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fresh Flowers. Good Food. A Little Conversation.

I think I'm going to like being a swim mom. It's kinda like being a soccer mom without the shin guards. And never you fear, I do have a minivan. We were on our daily "minivanation" into Sevierville for practice. That is when I spend time trying to keep my younger child awake and trying to avoid learning way too much about butune lighter enhanced robots and cars that transform into boats that transform into helicopters from my elder child all while navigating traffic.

The highlight of the trip was a phone call from Theo. He was headed home and asked if I had something planned for dinner. I explained there was a chicken thawing and he should feel free to go ahead and roast it.

We continued our trek. There was swimming, choking, goggle-adjusting and coloring whilst sitting on bleachers. Then we returned home. That trip involved wildly dramatic children's songs sung by myself in a continued effort to maintain consciousness on the part of a very, very tired two-year-old. At that point in the afternoon, John usually eats his snack and remains mum on all his typical plans to recreate his favorite super heroes using parts from gutted remote control toys.

We arrived home to find that Theo had the table set and a delicious hot dinner prepared. He made roasted chicken and baked potatoes coated in olive oil and sea salt. There was even a vase of melon-colored alstroemerias sitting in the middle of the table.

Immediately after shoving her first bite of chicken into her mouth, Hannah discovered the flowers. She deduced they were purchased exclusively for her. "Thank you, Flower...mmmm, yum...Daddy! I like chicken. Pretty."

We lavished our thanks on Theo for the hot dinner ready the moment we stepped in the door and discussed the day's schooling and practice and all those tid bits we share at dinner each day. Hannah was obviously still processing the glorious centerpiece.

"I touch it." She said as she slowly rose from her booster seat with a chubby hand extended toward the flowers.

"They are pretty, Hannah. They aren't for touching, just looking at." Her benefactor explained.

Deterred but not crestfallen, she returned to her seat and ate some potato. As she chewed, she apparently wanted to know more about the events surrounding her father's demonstration of love. She cocked her head and gestured with her fork, "You buy those at Wal-mart?"

Theo stifled a giggle and said, "No, I bought them at Food City."

At last, her questions were answered to her satisfaction. She nodded appreciatively. Many good things come from that grocery store. "Ahhhhhhh, Fooood City." She said breathily, as if to approve of his choice.

Good food. Fresh Flowers. A little conversation. It's what a toddler girl wants.


Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

That is great! Roger usually asks if we got stuff at Krogers or Publix. They catch on so fast!

::Sylvia:: said...

What a great post! BTW, fresh flowers, good food and a little conversation is all this grown girl wants too!

MamaHolly said...

Thanks Sylvia! I know what you mean. It was a pretty good time this Mama! :D