Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big Girl Haircut

First of all, I'd like to thank my hairdresser, "Mr. F", for helping me to break out of my old style and find my new spikey groove. So, when a guy totally takes me out of my comfort zone as far as my hairstyle goes, the agent of my first impressions, what's a girl to do? Why, take her two-year-old daughter to see him, of course! Truly, he gives a great cut. My hair spikes straight out of the shower. I knew his confident, creative hands would cut something cute into the shaggy canvas that was Hannah's hair.

Hannah was very excited all week about getting her hair cut. She even told people about it over the phone. I took her potty before we left for the salon, reminding her where we were going.

"We're going to go get your hair cut."

"Yes, it's Thussshhday!" lisped my eager daughter.

She was ready. She was all giggles and excitement in the car. Then John had to explain about the scissors and how Mr. F was going to cut her hair but it wasn't going to hurt. Yeah, that's the line that first teaches little kids that not everyone in the world is truthful. They know what follows isn't going to be pleasant. I briefly considered decapitating my own child with barber's shears. Hannah was somewhat more reserved as we approached our destination.

We arrived at the salon and met Hannah's makeover entourage: Grandma Kathy, Aunt Krista and Audrey. We entered the salon like over-proud ballet parents gushing and with cameras in hand. Yep, Hannah got the picture this was kind of a big deal. She marched in with all the celebrity she could muster. Then Mr. F spoke to her. Somehow she shinnied up my body and was in my arms with her head buried in my chest. Honestly, I don't remember picking her up.

It's okay, Mr. F has been here before. I sat down in the chair and held her in my lap while Mr. F offered Hannah her own comb to hold. She took it with wary reluctance. But then, in a stroke of brilliance, Mr. F offered her a sucker. With the gravity of a man accepting his last cigarette before execution, she partook of this small comfort. It became her focal point and she released her death grip on my collar with grim resignation.

Mr. F moved quickly and surely. I found ways to get her attention so she would hold her head in specific positions so he could create an undercut. It was over before I knew it and there was the blowing off of the debris and spraying of the hair. That was also a great move. Hannah adores hair spray. Upon her release, with still damp locks, Hannah danced as one celebrating salvation.

Hannah's entourage was headed to K-mart for some retail therapy. Her cute little bob went swinging against her neck. She suddenly looked so much older. She marched straight into Payless ahead of us. (Um, you have to follow if your child goes into a store without you.)

If you are going to know anything about Hannah, you should know that she is obsessed with three things: babies, letters, and shoes. As long as I can remember, I could show Hannah toys in a store and she'd gleefully play with them for a minute and allow me to put them back on the shelf. In contrast, she would cry and cry when we would dare to leave any sole behind in the shoe department.

She recovered nicely from her ordeal with some nice, lime green flip-flops with large rhinestones. She knew they would go brilliantly with her Spring wardrobe though her mother tried to recommend some multi-colored floral sandals. A girl just knows when a pair of shoes are destined to become hers. At least they were less expensive than the sandals. (Despite my having not experienced trauma, I purchased some pretty zingy silver shoes, myself.)

It must have generally resonated as a positive experience for the girl. Yesterday, we were discussing how cute her new cut was and Hannah piped up. "I want a sucker. Mr. F cut my hair, give me sucker." She was crestfallen when my mother-in-law explained we had to let it grow some before she could get it cut again. She dipped her Hannah-safe bread in her homemade potato soup and dreamed of her next trip to the world of toddler glamor and sugared excess.


Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

I love the hair cut and the flip flops! She is growing so fast!

Marie said...

Love the big girl haircut, but I have to say. . . Holly, WOW!! I actually didn't recognize you sitting in that chair! I asked myself, "Whose lap is Hannah sitting in?" LOL!

MamaHolly said...

Thanks Marie! :D

~p~ said...

So, I am looking forward to the publishing of your book. I know you must be writing one all about motherhood and children. Because if you aren't, you're simply insane. You are an extremely gifted writer, and I love learning about your children. They are so very precious. How blessed you are!