Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Feed my Children Frozen Peas

Yeah. I know. I'm amazed, myself. They love them. That's why I find occasion to tell as many people as possible that I do this. I say it with a sense of wonder and amusement. But I never get the appropriate response. It's usually, "I fed my children frozen peas, too. There's nothing wrong with that. Don't feel bad."

Um, I don't feel bad. I'm seriously amused and trying to share something quirky and unusual about my children with you. I can typically clear up the confusion with this question: "But were they STILL frozen when you gave them to them?"

Then... I get the right response. "They eat them frozen?" Yes, that's what I tried to tell you a moment ago.

It all started because Hannah has two habits. One is an undying adoration for peas. The other habit is standing on a chair at the counter while I cook.

One day, I poured some peas into a pot but left it to the side while I tended something else on the stove. Hannah quickly lifted the lid and grabbed a handful of iced peas. I expected her to shiver with disgust and spit them out. To my confusion, she exclaimed with joy. Then she grabbed some more peas. I stopped her from eating the whole pan by offering her a bowl of her own frozen vegetables.

A few days later, I was on my way to Bible study and needed to pack her a snack. I packed some frozen peas. I explained to the care provider to give her the peas while they were still cold. I assured her that Hannah would, weirdly enough, eat them with great relish. When I returned to pick up Hannah, the woman said with amazement, "You weren't kidding about those peas. She ate them like candy!"

Hannah has made frozen peas seem so good that even John has developed a taste for this bizarre snack. I don't mind at all. It's healthy and super easy to fix. My kids come to me begging to eat frozen peas. Who could resist the weirdness and healthfulness of it all? Not I! Although, sometimes I insist they clean their rooms before they are "allowed" such an extravagant food.

(By the way, frozen corn is another crowd pleaser. Even their cousin, Audrey, finds it irresistible.)

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Carissa said...

I keep forgetting to try this. But hopefully this will help me to remember. Thanks for sharing!