Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Such a good baby...

From the time Hannah was a newborn, folks have commented that she was "such a good baby". Granted, I think she's pretty doggone awesome, but I was constantly scratching my head trying to figure out what they could possibly mean. It was usually said to me while she was sleeping soundly in a sling, or right after church and it was usually followed with "She didn't make a peep the whole time." There were variations like "Does she ever make a sound?"

Ahhh, so "good baby" = "quiet baby". I see. Well, that's your own definition. I am the mother of two very special creations designed perfectly for our family by God. And one of them is quiet... but that does not make her good. Even the Bible is pretty clear there is "...none good, no, not one."

Oh yes, she is quiet. That's because she is a stealth menace. She quietly wanders off. She is a master of the "act natural" school of deception. Everyone in the room sees that Hannah has a dry erase marker in her hand but no one thinks it inappropriate at all. No one thinks to follow her to offer supervision. Stealth baby just melts into the background and doodles perfectly formed H's and circles all over walls and furniture. It happens time and time again.

No one suspects the quiet child... and that's just the way she likes it. She's secreted herself away to wear my mother-in-law's mascara. She's completely stickered the front of a small cabinet in the living room. She's a master of using my makeup and, well, other supplies. My bras frequently become baby slings. She climbs bookshelves and can serve herself chocolate (dark, all-natural, soy and dairy free) from the above counter kitchen cabinets.

One time I was getting my teeth cleaned and the hygienist had the naivete to ask, "Is she always this good?". Of course, I couldn't answer at the time as she was cleaning my teeth. But when we both turned around we discovered Hannah had de-leafed her jade plant and probably eaten a little. I shrugged and with a newly freshened smile said, "She's about this good all the time."

My daughter is quiet. And that should be appreciated. She's turned it into an artform. But please, let's not call it something it isn't. Quiet does not equal good. Just ask the poor jade plant.


Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

But she does all these things with that cute twinkle in her eyes. Hmmm I wonder where she gets it from. It must be her daddy. ;)

MamaHolly said...

Angela, that twinkle does look awfully familiar! :D