Friday, March 20, 2009

Run Interrupted

My knees have survived today's [Wednesday] running adventure unscathed.  It's the heart of my husband which underwent some stress.  

I run a half mile circle in my neighborhood on many days.  It's a great hill workout and I don't have to drive anywhere when Theo gets home to watch the children.  I understand that Monday's run created a bit of drama as Hannah watched me from the window.  Apparently, about the time she'd start to calm down, I'd pass the house once again.  It took several laps before Theo discovered the source of Hannah's waxing and waning grief.  

But today, she seemed in better spirits and was happy her Daddy had come home.  I set out for my run with just me, God, and my Ipod.  I passed the house a second time and began the long slow climb up the the hill toward the cul-de-sac.

Off in the distance, headed toward the entrance of our subdivision was a little girl walking along the edge of the road.  I thought to myself what a cute little girl that was but I didn't recognize her as one of the usual witnesses to my neighborhood slog.  As I got a little closer to her I realized she was awfully young to be walking out by herself.  I scanned the area before me for an older sibling or parent.  

Meanwhile, the little girl was walking very purposely in a straight line right along the edge of the road.  She looked like she knew where she was going, but I thought I'd probably talk to her anyway.  As I got even closer, I thought to myself again Hey, wasn't Hannah wearing a shirt that same color today?  

OH MY WORD!!!!  It WAS Hannah!  When she saw me she stopped pursuing the entrance of the subdivision, thank goodness and turned calmly to wait for me with her arms up.  As she reached up nonchalantly and held my pinky she grinned, "I GOT you Mommy!  You on run?"

"Um, yes, I was on a run.  Does your Daddy know you are out here."

"Daddy know I out here."

Yeah right....  I few moments later I heard Theo's somewhat panicked voiced yelling "HANNNAHHH!!!!"  from our hill.  I yelled back that I had her and met him in the driveway.  

Woohoo, guess what, my daughter has a new developmental skill. She can operate the dead bolt. Why yes, the child safety door knob cover has been returned to the front door. Thank you so much for asking before calling DCS.  


Carissa said...

Oh my... Very resourceful, that one.

Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

My heart is in my throat! Oh my word! God was watching over you all that day! I'm glad everything turned out fine.