Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preparation Hannah

My father came to visit us in the afternoon the other day. John was happily playing video games and Hannah flitted in and out of the room with various toys and pilfered items. As Dad approached a transition in his story, I held up my hand to indicate I needed a pause. "The baby's been gone for a while.... I'll be right back."

I found the aforementioned baby in my bathroom. This is a favorite place of hers recently. She was hiding behind the door with her pants around her ankles. Her hind quarters were thickly coated in white cream. She raised her eyebrows in feigned innocence as she handed me a half empty container of Preparation H. Sweetly and hesitantly she added, "My bottom hyurts."

We quickly redirected our creative efforts toward play dough. My Dad kept laughing in that "you're getting what you deserve" sort of way.

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