Saturday, March 7, 2009

John's New Glasses

John got glasses. He's so cute and old and sophisticated. Yes, only a mother can say you are cute and sophisticated in the same sentence. John, however, doubted his new image would be favorable amongst his peers. "I'm going to look like a doofus, Mom".

Quickly, we had to do some damage control. Granted, we homeschool and he only needs them for school work and video games. It wasn't likely he'll be wearing them around many other children. Nonetheless, I felt I should encourage and reassure the boy.

Theo and I spent a great deal of time telling him how women liked men who wore glasses. We pointed out that his uncle is very handsome and all his facebook pictures include pretty girls and yet, he wears glasses.

I painted a scenario where he'd find himself in a library sometime and a girl would approach him because he looked cute and studious. She might shyly ask if he knew where to find some sort of classic literature. I demonstrated how he'd look up from his book and sweep his glasses away to reveal his devastating brown eyes. He would tell her he'd read that tome many times (because he was homeschooled and had a wonderful teacher. (Hey, it's fantasy, okay?) And then they'd walk arm in arm directly to the requested book.

I finished my vignette thinking I might have oversold this just a little. Its just so hard to resist really getting into story telling when both my husband and my son are watching, mouths slightly gaping in complete amazement. John was quiet, contemplating the future I had painted for him.

He warmed to the idea as he said, "Mom, can I wear my glasses ALL THE TIME?"

Yep.... definitely oversold it.

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Carissa said...

That's great! And he does look oh-so-sophisticated. :)
Good to see you posting again.