Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honey, it's cold outside

John is a particularly hot-blooded child. In the past, I have told him the reason he had to bring a coat with us, even if he didn't put it on was so that I didn't look like a bad mom. I have been accosted for him being coatless while he was sweating in a long-sleeved shirt about "where is your coat, young man?".

But before this winter, John lost approximately 40 lbs while adding inches to his height. He has much less insulation than in the past and has at last felt the sting of winter. He does occasionally get cold nowadays.

A couple of weeks ago, we had one of the freakish cold snaps after a warm up. John woke up, took a shower, and put on some shorts and a sleeveless top. We were getting ready to leave the house and I tried to urge John to dress more appropriately for the weather.

"Honey, it's cold outside. You'll want warmer clothes."

"Mom, you know I'm always hot."

"John, do you remember when you and Daddy spoke in the parking lot with a friend yesterday, and you froze to death?"


"Well, today, it is 10 degrees colder than that."

At last a look of recognition crossed John's face. My reasoned and logical explanation had gotten through. I was proud of my parenting as John got that understanding sparkle in his eye. But, alas, it was him simply finding a new angle to argue, "Mom, is that in Farenheit?"


Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

That is a great story! TFS! I'm so amazed at the changes not only in you and Theo but in John as well.

Carissa said...

Yep, I guess 40 pounds would do it....