Tuesday, March 17, 2009


On a recent date, Theo and I varied from the usual dinner and movie. We went shopping... for cologne and sunglasses. It was very fun. I recently started wearing contacts and needed sunglasses. And Theo lost his sunglasses in Florida.

We went into a sunglass shop in Sevierville. We tried on all sorts of glasses and had a great time. Since I have a new body, new sport... I decided I needed some more fashionable sunglasses. So I chose a big/bulky black pair with rhinestones along the edge.

Theo's eyes sparkled and immediately he grinned. Dude, he thinks I look silly, I thought. But when I looked in the mirror again with my modern hair and cool sunglasses, I decided I liked them anyway. They were slightly impracticle, I realized. In was this break from the norm which I think amused my husband.

About a week later, our family went on a wonderfull hike. Unfortunately, I needed sunglasses but all I have now are my highly impracticle rhinestone-studded ones. Now we were hiking, so I didn't shower, had unstyled hair, a not-terribly flattering t-shirt along with these out-of-place shades. Now I'd already had some great feedback from others about my new sunglasses... so I knew they were cool. They just were not right for the occasion.

And everytime Theo saw me he started singing "Fabulous" from High School Musical. It did crack me up... and sadly I have a picture to show you. LOL!


Carissa said...

And you know what they say... a picture is worth a thousand words!

It's so good to read your blog posts again.

MamaHolly said...

Or just one word, as long as that word is.....