Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does a Hannah poop in the woods?

On our Hike last weekend, John encountered his inevitable need to "water the trees". And of course, Hannah suddenly felt the urge as well. Five minutes into a five mile hike, we were all off trail looking for a private place to take each child. I held Hannah in a semi-squat position and she peed.

She was tickled pink with the freedom of it all. As I started to pull her pants back up, she said with excitement, "Mommy, I poopy!" Arrrrggggg, no! Not now! But you don't turn down a toddler on a five mile trek who's wearing underwear. So we get back in position while I ensure my shoes are out of the damage path.

Sure enough. She produces. Okay, I think, we can get back to the boys waiting on the path. Oh no. She had to see what she had done. She had to comment on where she'd done it. And about the time I started looking for suitable leaves, she decides indeed that there is more excretion to do. A two-year-old's colon is only so long, isn't it? Eventually, she will no longer be able to poop despite the novelty of the situation, I assure myself. Each dropping caused the same excitement and discussion. "I poop in the woods, Mommy! I poop in the woods! I do that!" She'd say, enthralled.

So at last the bowels have been emptied into the great outdoors and it is time to clean the girl. It's not quite Spring so the only leaves are dead leaves on the ground. They will have to work. I silently apologize to her as I start to do my Motherly duties. She whips her head around and twists in my arms.... "Mommy! What are you doing?!" as an even more exciting part of this experience dawns on her consciousness. "Leaves... toilet paper, Mommy?!... Leaves... toilet paper... OKAY!"

That's done! But now I can't get her back to the path as she keeps collecting large handfuls of leaves for everyone in our party. "Look, John-John, Leaves! Toilet Paper!!!" Our God surely does provide!

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