Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can't fight this feeling anymore

We think Hannah's having a growth spurt. Her face and her belly are suddenly a little chubbier and she's up about 3 lbs. She's eating and sleeping more than usual. She's been a little grumpy. And she woke up rubbing her legs Monday afternoon. (Growing pains?)

Hannah stopped taking naps quite a while ago, much to my dismay. Now she will occasionally fall asleep in the car late in the afternoon. That is a bad scenario. She wakes up really nasty from the nap and won't go back to sleep until 10pm. So we do everything we can in the car to keep her awake. Because we want her to fall asleep around 8pm.

But this week, she's taken three or four naps. On Sunday, Hannah watched John play video games while she ate some crackers on the couch. You see where that got us. She was difficult to get down that night but not as much as she normally is after a nap.

I noticed yesterday her pants were a little short. My baby is growing up.


Carissa said...

Ahhh. Poor girl. I'm impressed that you spotted the rubbing of the knees.
Long week here, but tomorrow's FRIDAY!

MamaHolly said...

Yay for Friday! I vividly remember my own growing pains. I wasn't surprised to see the rubbing after all the other signs. Poor baby.

Angela (HsvScrapGirl) said...

Roger has given up the nap thing too. He will occasionally give us one, but fortunately we don't have a grouch after one very often. We also haven't had any bedtime problems from it either.
Good call on the legs! When Roger had a growth spurt not too long ago, we had the grouch for a few days. He also kept telling me his back hurt. He never said anything about his legs.