Friday, March 6, 2009

Best of Cousins

My sister-in-law and I had our daughters four months apart. We always knew that was going to result in a lot of fun and adventure. Now that the girls are two, the adventure begins!

Hannah and Audrey adore each other and they both are in love with big brother/big cousin John. But as all Moms know: Two's company but two two-year-olds aren't good company for long. Sometimes they greet each other with affection and sometimes it's just cause for repealing the second amendment. But every visit has its share of ups and downs.

They've spent so much time together recently that when I told Hannah that Audrey was coming to see her, she said "Where she been?" Mind you, they had parted ways only twelve hours before. But the way I know they've really been spending a lot of time together is when Hannah is asleep.

She has started screaming in grand two-year-old fashion "Mine!" and "No share" and "No touch, Audrey" all in her sleep. And the words are backed up with quite intense physical actions as well. My favorite is "Audrey! Top it. Top it now!"

So I told my sister-in-law this story feeling somewhat embarrassed about my daughter's nighttime follies. And you know what? Apparently Audrey's been dreaming as well. "No Hit, Hannah" she yells in slumber.

And when they wake they drive both of their mothers nuts wanting to play with their other. And that's just fine as long as they don't have to share.

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