Thursday, May 15, 2008

She's sleeping with a doll


Oh! My Hannah is such a little girl now. The last two nights my baby has gone to sleep snuggling her doll. She holds him tightly in her arms and hugs and kisses him. Oh and she always nurses him too. In fact I have to nurse him as well. He usually smacks his little cloth lips loudly and says, "YUMMMM!"

The other way I know she's a little girl is scraped knees and the screamed NOOOOO's. My favorite though is sleeping with the doll!


Carissa said...

How precious! I love to see my children sleeping too.
Glad to see you posting every day!

Angela said...

She is precious!
Those NOOOOs can get quite annoying can they not? I swear that one is up there in DS's top 5 favorite words to say.

Marie said...

I have to agree with the NOs. Only with Ryan it is, "NO NO NO NO NO!" ARGH!!