Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enterprising Son

After we finished school today, John spent a great deal of time playing in his room. I was pleased his toys were finally getting some use. I was mildly curious when he came out to retrieve his laminated number line. But hey, Hannah was napping and I was getting 'net time, so I let it go.

A little while ago he announced he had decided which of his toys to sell. So much for playing... What's any self-respecting woman to do but grab her toddler and a cloth shopping bag and go to the sale? Things were a little pricey but that's what happens when you price everything with the idea of getting to a total of $100 (which is, oddly enough, as high as the number line goes).

So Hannah decided to buy a yo-yo and a squishy ball that lights up. I had to haggle a little to get the total down to $3. And he tried to upsell me a seashell for $10. I told him that was a pretty expensive shell and I couldn't afford it. Being of the high-pressure sales-pitch persuasion, he sing-songed with raised eyebrows, "It's a realllly beautiful shellllll!" In the end, the shell stayed to be sold another day.

As I left to get my wallet. He called to me, "I prefer cash!"
I'm a little disappointed there was no discount for bringing our own cloth bag....


Angela said...

DH and I both thought that was so precious and funny. Both kids are looking great. Sounds like you had a fun day.

Carissa said...

That's great! (Love the cloth bag, hannah!)
And I noticed that John is still wearing his swim trunks...