Monday, April 7, 2008

Motivational Cleaning

Last week, a dear friend of mine was coming to visit. The house was a mess, but I was determined to get it into shape before she arrived. I wasn't worried. I'm very Type-B, that way.

I realized my husband was scrambling around tidying up. This is an issue in our house as he's kindof a neat freak and well... I'm aware there are neat freaks in the world. The problem is when those two ideas introduce themselves to one another and shake hands. When my husband starts picking up around the house more than normal, it makes me feel defensive and self-conscious as I view it as my job. (He does help on a regular basis) I view it as my job and I view it as a job I don't do to his satisfaction very often. So I started to feel guilty as I see him bustling about. But I wasn't feeling any negative neat-freak energy coming from him as I sometimes do. So I asked what was up.

He explained that there was just too much for me to do today. I was on guard. Was he implying I was incompetent? No.

You see, he's studying for the professional engineer's exam. His boss has given him time to work at home specifically to prepare for this test. So he's been home during the day a lot more often than usual. He's seen things that the Men in Black should probably erase from his memory!

He explained that he's seen what I have to do during the day and it's not humanly possible to do what I do AND clean the house. He said that he used to wonder why I couldn't do it, but now he knows. I'd marry that man if I wasn't married to him already! It almost made me want to mop a floor. I told him he'd made my blog; a dubious honor I'm sure, but an honor nonetheless.


Carissa said...

Welcome to the Honor Club, Theo! At least you are praised on the blog for doing a good deed. I'm not sure what going after a squirrel qualifies as, but I think you've got me beat.

DK said...

I am in awe.

Michael and I have a similar Type A/Type B neat freak/not so much relationship.

You two are now my mentors. Maybe one day he and I can also come to an understanding!!