Friday, March 28, 2008

The Naked Princess

Two thousand eight in the year of our Lord ushers in the reign of the Naked Princess in our household kingdom.  It has been six years since the last naked heir to the throne and I'm honestly out of practice in dealing with such regents.  
There must be some directive in the live of a toddler that deems it suddenly inconceivable to consent to the wearing of most any garments.  The prime directive, of course, being to search and destroy.  There are times of the day when most humans find themselves completely unhindered by clothing,  using the restroom or taking a bath being two such examples.  And since the bladders of naked rulers are such that they require frequent trips to the potty and/or diaper changes, they find themselves so unhindered more frequently than the other members of the kingdom.  It is perhaps this fact which leads to the desire to remain in the most natural state.  
Also, perhaps, it is the time in such a person's life that she finds herself capable of dodging the senior monarch's authority and grasp and outrunning said monarch during these perfectly acceptable naked times of day.  
A Naked Princess who holds the throne is one who understands exactly what she desires in all areas of her life.  Unfortunately, she lacks experiences to communicate these desires effectively to her loyal subjects.  In fact, to make up for accuracy in communication she will often increase volume and repetition. The most frequent decree at this time seems to be, "Mine, miiiine, miiiiiinnnnne."
One communication that is extremely clear from our princess is her desire to wear her tennis shoes (untied thank you very much) while reigning in the buff.   Her humble maid chooses at this time to occasionally oblige this wish.  


Angela said...

Too funny!

J S said...

Ahhh - brings back long ago memories of my "Naked Princess" who would come out after achieving her goal of nakedness, spread her arms wide, look at me with big blue eyes and say, "Ta Da! I a nudie cutie!" Precious memories -- thanks!

MamaHolly said...

Nudie Cutie! I love it!