Monday, March 17, 2008

Initials and Introduction

Hi!  I'm Holly.  I'm a Quiverfull Christian, HSing, CDing, CSing, EXBFing, WFing, BWing, ECing SAHM of two and wife of one.    On any given alternative parenting bulletin board those initials may show up in my signature line.   What do all those letters mean?  Well, I must explain that those special abbreviations fit together seamlessly into a brilliant equation that proves I'm, well, weird.  

There.  You have it.  Strangers wonder about it.  My friends know it.  My family laments it.  My husband is inexplicably  intrigued and somewhat amused by it.  But what most people are surprised to find out is that I'm aware of it.  I admit it.  In fact, I embrace it.    

How can I deny it?  Those initials say that I potty trained my daughter starting at 1 month old and I routinely tie her to my body.   I realize those letters can sometimes stand out pretty boldly and all you can see is the weirdness.  My hope is to share with you the person behind the initials.   That, and to teach you to love brussels sprouts and green smoothies.  


Angela said...

To know you is to love your wierdness! ;)

Marie said...

Dang it! You ALWAYS get me with your initials! LOL! I know all but 2 (CS & WF) however I didn't realize the BFing was an Ex! When did that happen? I just saw you Saturday!

Angela said...

I am stumped by those 2 also along with CDing. I'm sure when she explains them we will both go "Awww yet, duh!"

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you told me about your blog!!

I feel like i am part of your world again.
I love you and I miss you.