Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Mercy

He is risen.  He is risen indeed. Hi all!  And a very happy Easter to you all.  What a wonderful celebration we have as Christians to celebrate our redemption through Christ's death, burial and resurrection. 

I have worshipped Christ since I was a little girl and am very thankful that He's still working on me.  I have chosen to believe and trust that God is indeed good and can make all things work together for good for those who love the Lord who are called according to his purpose.  

I've been amazed to see how some of the most horrible things in my life have been used for good. This includes horrible things associated with John's neglect/abuse and foster care shuffle and the endless court decision reversals and even my miscarriage while my husband was out of town and even John's bipolar.  God has seen us through some serious events and likely will see us through more.  I've been very blessed to see Him at work because He doesn't promise that we'll know or understand in this lifetime.  

I've had peace that passes understanding through these experiences all because I trust in the one who gives and takes away.  I love that Jesus takes anyone where they are at for who they are despite what they done or had done to them.  He wraps us in love and then doesn't leave us there but helps us to move forward if we allow him.  

I love the description of mercy I heard this morning.  Mercy is God refusing to agree with the identity that we, ourselves or someone else has given us.  He says, that is not how I've designed you.  You are royalty.  You are a child of the King.  It is the same thing that happened on the cross when Christ said to forgive them for they don't know what they are doing.  

He didn't come to label our sin or put a finger on it and make us feel bad, but to release us from the bondage that has put us in.  Jesus always met people where they were and didn't leave them with guilt and shame.  He released them from those very things.  

I need to remember this in my approach with others.  You know, I've allowed John's history and mental illness to color my thoughts about him.  I've labeled him with a label other than one meant for him.  My sweet son has been rescued from very serious conditions.  His attachments to human individuals is whole.  With God's leading to change our eating habits the healing is that much closer to completion.  John is who he is and I won't accept anyone but God's expectations for him as a person.  I have been forgiven much and that forgiveness must flow back out of me to distribute that mercy.  When I forget that I've been forgiven and I reaccept some other definition of myself, I sure do get high and mighty.  

I pray that the mind of Christ is magnified through my life and to those I encounter in my life.  I pray that the mercy which has been given me and freed me with do the same for the people I know.  

I'm so excited for this reminder of the amazing new life I've been given.  
He is risen!  

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